Little as dimension but not about performance: with 1000 lumen you can illuminate a room!
Developed with a Danish partner, is the first one diving torch with the switch button that indicate the charge of the battery!

Great for spearfisher and also as backup torch for divers. It can be used also outside water, for fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, outdoor activities…

One hand command! How many hands do you’ve available?

Double beam: deep penetration in the darkness AND ambient light.

Matte reflector: amazing light beam because you like to see better

New power indicator: take under control the autonomy of your torch!

Safety button: no more torches accidentally discharges!

Rechargeable battery: we’re environment lovers!

Signalling function only when needed: don’t bore me with continuous flash…

Strong construction for extreme condition: good as skullcrusher!
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